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July 26, 2017

Treating HCV May Improve Glycemic Control in Diabetics

By Marilynn Larkin, Reuters Health

Treating hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection with direct-acting antiviral (DAA) agents is associated with improved glycemic control in patients with type 2 diabetes, researchers suggest.
Treating HCV May Improve Glycemic Control in Diabetics
July 12, 2017

Molecular Differences Between Pediatric and Adult Psoriasis Plaques

By Marilynn Larkin, Reuters Health

The pathology of pediatric psoriasis differs from that of adult psoriasis, a finding that has implications for treatment, researchers suggest.
Molecular Differences Between Pediatric and Adult Psoriasis Plaques
June 16, 2017

Excessive Daytime Sleepiness in Elderly May Predict Amyloid Deposition

By Lorraine L. Janeczko, Reuters Health

Older cognitively normal adults who tend to be sleepy during the day may be more likely to have future beta-amyloid deposition, according to a new study from Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. A response to a single yes or no question was strongly associated with beta-amyloid status many years later.
Excessive Daytime Sleepiness in Elderly May Predict Amyloid Deposition
May 25, 2017

Crohn’s Disease and Ulcerative Colitis Show Unique Cytokine Profiles

By Zoltan Nemeth, MD, and Dorian Bogdanovski, MPH

Both CD and UC specimens display upregulated transcript levels of IL-12, IL-18, Il-21 and IL-27 in both inflamed and non-inflamed intestinal areas when compared to non-IBD.
Crohn’s Disease and Ulcerative Colitis Show Unique Cytokine Profiles
May 22, 2017

Smartphone Data Accurately Predict Blood Glucose Levels

By Michael Vlessides, contributor.

A new personalized prediction model uses smartphone-collected patient data and aggregate population data to create personalized blood glucose predictions for individuals.
Smartphone Data Accurately Predict Blood Glucose Levels
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When a child is hospitalized, parent coping interventions ease anxiety, stress

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Better 5-year outcomes with on-pump than with off-pump CABG

By Gene Emery NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - New evidence supports the notion that, in most cases, on-pump coronary artery bypass grafting (CABG) is safer and more effective than off-pump surgery. The Read More »

U.S. court rules Arkansas can block Planned Parenthood funding

By Nate Raymond (Reuters) - A U.S. appeals court on Wednesday reversed a ruling that prevented Arkansas from cutting off Medicaid funding to Planned Parenthood following the release of controversial Read More »

Biomarker-guided radiotherapy dosing shows promise for high-risk liver cancer patients

By Marilynn Larkin NEW YORK (Reuters Health) – Individualizing radiotherapy according to levels of a patient-specific biomarker of liver function safely achieves local control in cancer patients at Read More »

'Liquid biopsy' spots early-stage cancers in blood

By Julie Steenhuysen CHICAGO (Reuters) - A test that scans blood for tumor-specific DNA identified early-stage cancer in more than half of 138 patients with the disease, U.S. researchers reported on Read More »

Opioid overdoses leading to more ICU admissions and deaths

By Lisa Rapaport (Reuters Health) - A growing number of Americans are needing intensive care for opioid overdoses and dying after receiving treatment for serious complications, a U.S. study suggests. Read More »

A test that may best biopsy in detecting celiac disease

By Reuters Staff NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - The HLA-DQ:gluten tetramer test is better than biopsy for detecting celiac disease after 14-day gluten challenge in people who have been adhering to a Read More »

Special probation for prisoners with mental illness cuts recidivism

By Ronnie Cohen (Reuters Health) - Every year, an estimated 2 million people diagnosed with mental illness are jailed in the U.S., and soon after they’re released, many wind up behind bars again. Read More »

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Back Pain

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B) Right lower quadrant pain
C) Plaques with silver scale
D) Shortness of breath

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