At MDalert.com, our job is to educate physicians about innovation in medicine, science, finance, and technology. We strive to help our readers to be as good with their finances as they are with their patients. By bringing innovative ideas to our readers, we hope they will be better able to improve their practice, their outcomes, and their incomes.

Our mission is to help physicians continue to improve the quality of patient care, reduce the cost, and to enjoy the noble profession of medicine.

We offer current, evidence-based clinical news information on important recent findings in the 15 major medical specialties. We will regularly publish business and clinical strategies that physicians can use to maintain or improve their incomes and autonomy in the era of the Affordable Care Act.

In addition, our opinion section will feature experts writing on legal, financial, insurance, nursing, business, practice management, employee relations, retirement planning, and other similar areas that apply directly to physicians.

Our team features a group of highly experienced business developers, designers, programmers, writers, editors, marketers, and advisers. We have the strength and resources of Jobson Healthcare Information (JHI) and M.D./alert behind us.

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