Lymphoma Survivors Report Burdensome Late Effects & Follow-Up Care After Multimodality Treatment

Patients with HL and NHL report physical burdens and "suboptimal" delivery of survivorship information and follow-up care.

It’s a Ruff Day … or, Should We Treat Our Customers Like Dogs?

It is essential for individuals to focus on improving their own work environment so that they can better serve their customers. If your employees aren’t happy, your patients, guests, and physicians will not be happy.

Digital Marketing in Today’s Healthcare. Or Am I Rearranging the Deck Chairs on the Titanic, Again?

Marketing has always been a conundrum for healthcare executives. Do I really need to market? Do consumers make their decisions based on an ad? Doctors really drive healthcare decisions so why waste resources on marketing?

Seven Steps to Effective Crisis Management

If you have worked in healthcare for more than a few years, you have probably seen at least one crisis develop in your facility. Although every incident can become a crisis, there are some that happen that can have lasting effects for the facility and everyone it touches.

Preparing Staff for Initiation of Major Site Construction Projects

The excitement of opening a new unit or a department expansion is palpable. Not only is the staff excited about working in new construction and quite often utilizing new equipment, but also the statement that a new unit says to the hospital staff and community. The support of the physicians, staff, and community have allowed for the expansion/renovation of the hospital.

The Value of Sharing Cost Information with Physicians

Strategies for reducing the per-capital cost of healthcare.

Developing a Culture of Excellence

Like building the nation’s interstate system, creating a culture of excellence is an ongoing, sometimes daunting task and it can take years. Why are you undergoing this effort? It’s because your culture and operations are intertwined. The more you improve your culture, the better will be the quality of your service delivery, outcomes, and revenues.

Six Steps to the Successful Turnaround of a Healthcare Institution

Healthcare organizations, and hospitals in particular, find at one time or another that they are in need of a turnaround. This discussion will focus on a hospital, but the key points can be applied to all organizations.

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